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Besides the standard software available for an OnHandPc (Scheduler, Address Book, To Do list, Text Memo, Expense Manager, Calculator, Image Viewer, Games, and more), there has been software developed by several programmers over the world.  Below you will find a list of software ready to be installed on your watch.

Applications - Editors - Utilities - Watches - Games - Windows Applications - Patches/Updates

Applications OnHandPC

HandySurf Click here for more information
Read daily news topics, weather forecasts, movie reviews, daily horoscope, and more on your watch.  With HandySurf, you can finally access the internet offline without any problems. Handysurf Bridge V2.1 downloads 10 channels at the same time!

ZetaMath 2.0 Click here to download
ZetaMath is a fully functional spreadsheet with the following features: Auto Column Width, Data Compression, Formulas (A1 or R1C1), Operators (+,-,*,/,&), Range functions, Split Screen Keyboard, File import ability, Password File Protect, and Row & Column Headings.  An XLA add-in is included for conveniently exporting files from your PC.  One of the BEST programs available for the OnHandPc.

Support for an external keyboard is also provided.  

By Piehl Systems

Omegascape Click here to download
With Omegascape you can browse web pages offline. There is limited support for HTML tables and links. GIF and JPG graphics are not available at this time.
By Piehl Systems

ShCalc Click here to download
This is a complete scientific calculator.  The following functions are built in: sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, sinh, cosh, tanh, asinh, acosh, atanh, exp, log, ln, log10, sqrt, abs, fact, r2d, d2r, pi
By Fumi

Paint v1.62 Click here to download (Translated to English)
A simple but nice paint program for your watch.  You can draw rectangles, lines, ovals, or just with a brush.  You can save your painting as an mmp picture or load one to modify.
By Machida Fumihiko

Translator Click here to download
A tiny translator pretty handy for on the road.  It translates commonly used words from/to English, French, Japanese, and German.  The words are divided into categories to make it even easier to find the right word.
By Dave Goodman

Area Code Click here to download
Displays state, region and time-zone information for most area codes in the USA. 
By Dave Goodman

Loan App Click here to download
Calculates loan information depending on your input. If the loan amount is changed, it will display the payments. If you change the payment you can afford, it will display the amount you can borrow. 
By Dave Goodman

Kama-Sutra Click here to download
One of those applications nobody would ever download but everybody seems to have on his watch.  Pictures are animated.
By B. Serres

SkyZoom 2.1 Click here to download
SkyZoom is showing 42 constellations and 185 stars visible at latitude 45 North. Direction of north (indicated at the zenith) is given for midnight at the mid of each month (according to the current date).
By B. Serres

Astro vB1 Click here to download
Astro calculates ascendant and astrological positions of the planets in the signs for a given date and hour.
By B. Serres

Organ Click here to download
Play your favorite tunes with this 8-key organ.0

Aquarium Click here to download
An Aquarium Screen Animator.

Vortex Click here to download (Converted to OnHand)
Vortex is able to read CSV (Comma seperated) files so you can use Excel to enter your data if you want.  Vortex is a simple database program with totals on which you can perform searches, sorts and more.  
By Jordi Perez

Temp Convert  Click here to download
Convert temperature from F to C or C to F with this very easy to use and user-friendly program.

Bioman  Click here to download
Biorhythm program.

Remote Click here to download
Since the OnHand has IR capacities, you can also use it as a remote control.  This is exactly what Master RemCon does.  Finally a remote control that is always OnHand.  Unfortunately the range of the OnHand is max 80" (2 meters).

WriStudy  Click here to download
WriStudy Flash Cards!  This small study aid works like flash cards. The questions will be stored in a tab-delimited text file so you can create your own set of cards. Currently, the statistics do not work and only a US state capitals file is provided as a demo.
By Dan of Piehl Systems

Factor Click here to download
Program that can be used to factor integers with at most 9 digits.
By William A. Stein

Currency Conv Click here to download
Are you going on a trip and are you in need of a currency convertor?  With this program you can fast and easily convert from one currency to another.
By Hanno Rein

Thunder  Click here to download
Ever wondered how far away the storm actually is?  This program will actually give you the distance.
By Hanno Rein

Pocket Counter Click here to download 
Pocket Counter can come in very handy when you're in need of a ... you guessed it right ... a counter!  Perfect to keep up to 2 scores while keeping track of events or while watching or playing games. This program is released as donationware - if you like it, you might want to donate some money to Marrisoft!
By Marrisoft

Diet Manager Click here to download 
Diet Manager 2003 is a complete diet management application at your wrist!
It allow you to know your optimal weight and body mass index, has a personal sport activity trainer built in to keep a track of your calorie consumption during sport sessions and has a large range of foods and recipes sorted by categories with calorie in formations.

Main features:
- Calculates your optimal weight with two different menus for men and women (value range accepted for calculating optimal weight is: between 145/190 cm. for women and between 145/206 cm. for men).
- Calculates your BMI (body mass index) with no value range limitations.
- Gives you a comment for your personal weight and BMI (body mass index) situation.
- Shows height and weight values with a real time cm/in - kg/lb converter.
- Gives you a track of your calorie consumption in sport sessions with a chronograph (hh,mm,ss; up to 99 hours per sport session) and a real time calorie consumption calculator (supported sports: run, biking, swimming, soccer, tennis, basket).
- shows you the starting time of your last sport session (this function uses the system time set).
- Large database of foods and recipes sorted by categories (up to 50 foods available in the follow categories: snacks, meats, vegetables, misc.).

This program is released as shareware. Support the OnHand development by sending $5 or euro to Marrisoft!
By Marrisoft

Chord Magic Click here to download 
Chord Magic allows you find the name and spelling of any chord you can enter on the guitar fret board. It calculates chords based on their spelling, not a table lookup, and so can name just about anything, with over 70 base types of chords.
By Andy Gryc

Marri Morse Click here to download 
A program to send out morse code messages using the OnHand speaker.
Program includes a complete morse code table!
By Maurizio Terzo

PocketLight Click here to download 
PocketLight is a little application that automatically sets and starts the ELight to maximum value (20 sec). Useful in the dark: (read, to find objects, ecc).
Note: The application is not timeout sensitive.
By Maurizio Terzo

Testa Croce Click here to download 
The perfect alternative for heads or tails.
By Maurizio Terzo

Psychic Watch Click here to download 
This program can read your mind! Choose a number between 10-99, perform a simple look-up in a table, and the symbol that corresponds to your number will come up! No point cheating and just picking a symbol, the program knows!

NetHand Click here to download 
NetHand is a very nice RSS reader for the onHand. You can choose from about 11 Reuters news channels, and get weather forecasts for your zip code.  For more information visit Gamesoft
By Marshall


Teclado Click here to download
No doubt about it, this is the best editor for the OnHand at the moment.  With it's very easy to easy menu's and the unique way you can input data (maximum 3 joystick movements to input a character), this editor is a must on every OnHand.  Make sure you install the tinyfont.mmp (on watch copy to B:\SYSTEM\MMP) before using this program.
By Dario Rodriguez

CSVView Click here to download
Allows you to view Comma Separated Files on their onHand. You must use Finied (see utilities) to associate .csv files to the CSVView program for this program to work

Fltt Click here to download
Allows users to read very large text files.
By Chris Clark

JView Click here to download
Jview is a multi-purpose Text Viewer with search capabilities. You can even view images mentioned in the text. Because of this, JView can easily be used as an MMP album. Use Finied (see utilities) to associate the files you want to view with this program.
By KojimaBy

Naiview Click here to download
Encrypt text files on your computer and read them on the onHand.  More information...
By Jalal Muhtadi

Utilities OnHandPC

BMP2GMP Click here to download
Two part program. Convert bitmap files into a grayscale file that you can view on the onHand. The resolution of photo images is quite good. Must associate .gmp files with the GMPview program using Finied.  Use BMP2GMP.exe to convert a bitmap file to a grayscale image that can be viewed on the onHand. At the DOS command line on your computer type: BMP2GMP bitmapfile.bmp targetfile.gmp Copy the targetfile.gmp to the onHand and use the GMPviewer to view.  Don't forget to upload your best pictures at our gallery

Finied Click here to download
Allows users to associate file extensions with a program that is able to read that type of file. Some programs in this section do not have file search capabilities. Using Finied to associate files to programs is required in order to use those programs. Warning: Unassociating default onHand data files with their programs can prevent them from operating. In these cases, reformat your onHand and reinstall the software using the CD

LinuxFtp Click here to download
To upload and download files between the onHand and a computer running Linux. William found a Ruputer program on a Japanese web site, and modified it to create a program called "fton" that works like an ftp client; it allows you to upload and download files just like ftp. Uploading files under Linux using fton is much faster than in Windows 98 because fton doesn't read the complete file structure of the onHand every time it does anything.
By William A. Stein

SFL Click here to download
With SFL you can copy and paste files on your onHand and even create and rename directories.
By S. Furuya

System Watch Click here to download
A very nice little utility that shows memory and battery information in real time.
By Marrisoft

Screensaver Click here to download
A very nice 3D star Wars Logo screensaver.
By Marrisoft

Screensaver Click here to download
You love it - Marrisoft makes it! For all those Matrix movie lovers out there. This is a screensaver with an animation of the matrix source code. It has a startup screen with a promotional matrix picture in 4 gray shades.
By Marrisoft

Watches OnHandPC

DaWatch Click here to download (Translated to English)
Analog Clock, Digital Clock, Date, and Month.  You are also able to set up to 4 different alarms.
By S.Furuya

RMoon Click here to download 
A digital clock and date which also shows the moon phases.
By N.Kawahara

UBeat Click here to download 
A Universal Beat digital clock
By B. Serres

RBeat Click here to download 
A Universal Beat digital clock.
By Haipa and HrKn

3DWatch Click here to download 
3D Animated digital clock.

RDosho Click here to download 
Cat animated digital clock.  Really cute!  Cat runs to the bathroom from time to time.

MmpWatch Click here to download 
A digital watch on the mmp background of your choice.  The 5 skins to the left are standard with the program.  Before using, make sure you rename the skin of your choice to skin.mmp

By Maurizio Terzo

Games OnHandPC

Chess v1.3 Click here to download
Play chess on your onHand or have the program play against itself. Provides adjustable skill levels, sliding piece animation, hint request, and rotate board.  The commercial version has a few extra features: board editing, save, and take back function.  
By Piehl Systems

Pac Click here to download
Pac, a great PacMan clone works great on the onHandPC.
By A.Yasui

Freecell Click here to download
Every windows computer has FreeCell standard installed.  Now you can also play this card game on your watch.

Ruputris Click here to download
Based on Tetris, one of the most famous games ever!
By Taka E

RMine Click here to download
Yet another minesweeper with nice explosions.

Raycast Click here to download
Are you ready to play Doom on your watch? One of those games somebody started but never got anywhere...

Dot Dragon Click here to download
Guide the dragon through all obstacles.
By Yagshi

R-Block Click here to download
Hit the blocks by bouncing back the ball with your paddle.

DigiPet Click here to download
A virtual pet is living on your watch.  Make sure you feed him, play with him, and don't forget to clean up after him.

Meteor Click here to download
You are under attack by meteors, shoot them all!

WallCrush Click here to download
Crush the wall by bouncing back the ball with your paddle.

Sortiez Click here to download
Great shooting game!  All kind of objects are flying around and your object is to shoot them all.

Maziacs Click here to download (Converted to OnHand)
A wonderful classic maze game where you have to find a treasure but watch out you don't get killed for the maziacs!  All you need to find is a sword and you are ready to conquer them all.
By Jordi Perez

Snowboard Click here to download (Translated to English)
Snowboard to the bottom of this hill as fast as you can.  Make sure you don't hit any trees.

PushBon Click here to download (Translated to English)
Push the blocks together to clear every stage.

Drops Click here to download
Drops is a very nice Tetris variation.  Align the same "jewels" horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to make them disappear.
By A.Yasui

Pong Click here to download (Translated to English)
At least two watches are needed to play this game.  Bounce the ball back with your paddle to another player (watch).  

Tomato Click here to download
Another Tetris variation game.

Kinkeshi Click here to download
Another really nice Tetris variation.

Onkan Click here to download 
A Simon-Says game.  The computer will play a tune and you have to play to same tune.  The game is over when you are unable to replay the tune.

Lifegame Click here to download 
With Lifegame you have to build a colony of microbes, then watch the colony as they grow or die.  I've played the game but simply don't get it. 

Escape Click here to download 
A similar game as Pac-Mac: eat all the dots but watch out for the little monsters.

Tactics Click here to download - (Translated to English)
Tactics Ruputer is a war simulation game where you have to produce arms, attack the enemy and occupy their man base.  One of my personal favorites!

TowMon Click here to download - (Translated to English)
It took us a long time but with the help of Ko (thanks again!), we were finally able to translated this Japanese Tower Of Monsters Dungeon game to English.  Have fun!

Snake Click here to download 
One of the most popular games on cell phones.  Goal: stay alive as long as possible by not bumping into any walls or by crossing yourself.  Get extra points by eating the little eggs. What does this game make so special?  After you play the game, you will get a code which represents your score.  Just enter this code on our website and get ranked in our top 10! Good luck!
By Johan Mommens

Race Click here to download 
Keep your car on the road and make sure you don't hit any mines.  The longer you stay on the road the more points you get.  After you play the game, you will get a code which represents your score.  Just enter this code on our website and get ranked in our top 10! This is the first release of this game, depending on your response, I might come out with new releases in the near future.
By Johan Mommens

Mastermind v1  Click here to download 
A Super-Mastermind clone.  This is a very nice implementation of the once-popular mastermind puzzle.
By Dario Rodriguez

Fuego v1 Click here to download 
A two players aim-n-shoot game.  Set the force, the angle and shoot to destroy the enemy tank.  More modern games based in this principle were "scorched earth" and "worms".
By Dario Rodriguez

Wrist3D v1.1 Click here to download 
And Dan from Piehl Systems did it again, a flight-simulator!  This game is designed to simulate flight dynamics, varying weather conditions, and some navigational instruments. Some features are still under development so come back soon!
By Piehl Systems

Avalanche Click here to download 
This cool game is adapted from a TI Calculator game.  The goal is to dodge the falling icicles for as long as possible.
By Robert

Mario Click here to download 
Robert started programming Mario a while back but isn't convinced that he still wants to continue this project.  If you believe he should, please send him an email at  I believe this game looks very promising so that's why we've put it in our software section already.  We're waiting for the next version Robert!
By Robert

River Click here to download 
You're making a daring journey with your new speedboat on a river full of mines.  How long will you be able to prevent your boat from sinking?  After you play the game, you will get a code which represents your score.  Just enter this code on our website and get ranked in our top 10!  Can you beat the high score?
By Johan Mommens

Jackpot Click here to download 
Ready to gamble?  Play this little slot machine game on your watch and win real prizes.  More information can be found on our website. As with real gambling, you have to know when to stop playing.  Once you think you've earned a lot of money, just go to the menu, cash it in and enter the code we give you on our high score page.  Good luck!
By Johan Mommens

Parked In v1.2 Click here to download 
Congrats Robert!  This is a very nice game with 40 levels! What do you have to do?  Just move the cars around until you make a clear path for the black car to exit the parking lot.  Sounds easy?  Maybe it's time for you to find out!
By Robert Lougee

Street Gang Click here to download 
Very nice game ... love the Intro!  This is not an action game but a game of chance.  The goal is to reach 500000 points or 99 lives!  So, what do you do?  Select one of the trash cans and if hearts are flying you gain a life, if a ganster with a gun appears you will loose a life, or if points appear - well those points will be added to your score.  This program is released as donationware - if you like it you might want to donate some money to Marrisoft!
By Marrisoft

Tunnel-X Click here to download 
TunnelX is a game for the OnHand PC watch where you will dodge enemies in increasingly difficult tunnels.  TunnelX was conceived by Maurizo Terzo, who created the artwork and sounds. I've (Tursi) only done the programming.  Lost in a space rift, a total of 9 increasingly difficult stages of hostile warpgates stand between you and your ultimate goal of returning home. 
For more information and updates on Tunnel-X
By Tursi

Tennis Click here to download 
Tired of playing pong? Then it's time to play 3d tennis! This program even comes with an auto-install.
For more information visit Gamesoft
By Marshall

Windows Applications

Movie Maker Click here to download
Movie Maker will convert a folder of JPG, BMP, GIF, and PNG images into a single MMV file which you are able to view with this program and of course also on your watch ( - translated movie viewer for watch).  Movie Maker doesn't do any conversion or sizing of the images, so you should pre-convert your pictures to 102x64 or smaller, and ensure they are monochrome (black/white).  If they are larger than 102x64, they will be trimmed.

A few example movies in MMV format are available at  The source code of this program can also be download on this site.

By Tursi 

Movie Clips sent to us by members:
The escape from the death star (starwars) - 660K - Submitted By Jon Briggs
The Matrix - Rooftop Scene - 637K - Submitted By Matt Helmbrecht
The Fast and The Furious - 692K - Submitted By Matt Helmbrecht

Send Your Movie Clips in Today!

PCOH-C Click here to download
With PcOH-C For Windows you are able to develop your own OnHand applications under C.   Build in you will find an editor, a huge help file, a compiler, a project builder, emulator support and an upload option to your watch.  We developed this free application to make it easier for people to create programs for the OnHandPc.
By PcOnHand


CompanionLink Click here to download
CompanionLink v1.2f (1.9MB) supports Lotus Organizer Versions 5 and 6 and Goldmine Versions 3 to 5.5 and will help you synchronize with these programs.

Update 2.10 Click here to download
Patch (104KB) for users who encounter a "Out of Memory" error on their onHand even when there is plenty of memory available. This file is zipped. Once you unzip it, click Setup and the file will auto install itself. You must download it to your hard drive first.

PC Apps Update  Click here to download
Patch (PC Apps Update 2.01 - 1.1MB) for users who encounter an "Error occurred on PC" message when using a Windows NT/2000 system. If you use the onHand Scheduler program to repeat schedules and your schedule over-repeats, download this patch. This file will auto install. You must download it to your hard drive first.

Service Pack Click here to download
Interesting program that includes more advanced power management settings and several display options: Power saver, Cursor control, Loading Animation, LCD Reverse, Time check, WristTop.  This program will auto-install.  More information...

We welcome all links of other programs for the OnHandPC Watch!

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