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OnHand PC

The OnHandPC has the power and memory of a Palm m100 in the size of a wrist watch.  Batteries last up to several months which is pretty good compared to other devices like a Palm.  The OnHand PC uses 2 lithium batteries which are actually really cheap.  Replacement of these batteries can be done without loosing any information.  A handy joystick will help you navigate applications.  If you are a programmer, you can even develop your own applications in C.  

With a docking station or IR connection, you can transfer data from your watch to your pc, or pc to your watch (yes you can also transfer data from your OnHand to another OnHand through Infra-Red). 

The onHand PC provides all the popular features of palm-type pda devices at a fraction of the size. With onHand PC you can view your to-do list, add appointments to the calendar, look up an address, balance your checkbook, or simply relax and play games. 

Oh yes, you can also use it to tell time... imagine that!

OnHand Specifications

CPU 16 bit
OS W-PS-DOS version 1.16
Memory Flash RAM: 2MB ( does not lose data if batteries become drained)
Main Memory: 128KB
ROM: 128KB
Example: Watch can store approximately 13000 address of 111 characters
(average address consisting of a name, address, and two phone numbers)
Display 102x64 dot matrix STN liquid crystal display with EL backlight
Interface RS232 Serial Com Port to PC at 38,400 bps or Infrared to PC at 9,600 bps; Cross onHand to onHand communication at 38,400 bps
Power Supply 2 CR2025 coin-type lithium ion batteries (non rechargeable)
Battery Life Approximately 90 days (assuming 1 hour of full power use per day)
Water Resistance Water resistant - do not submerge
Weight 52 grams
Dimensions Width app 2" - Height app 2 1/8" - Thickness app 5/8"

Desktop Minimum Requirements

Supported OS Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT 4.0/2000 and Windows XP
CPU Pentium 133 or greater with 16 MB (32 MB recommended)
Hard Disk Space Minimum 20 MB for the desktop software

onhand palm on your wrist

How can data be entered on a OnHandPC?  The easiest way to enter data is by using your computer and transfer the data as explained above.  However, with the help of the tiny joystick located on the bottom of your watch, you are also able to type short messages.  An on-screen keyboard (alpha-numeric, numeric, or by using word templates) is used to enter information as you can see in the picture below.  

Lower/Uppercase Entry

Numeric Entry

Word Template Entry

To be honest, entering data like phone numbers or a short note is absolutely no problem and goes really fast, but once you decide to actually write a story, you might want to consider using your PC and transfer the date to your watch.  Many people prefer to use the companion link software which allows you to synchronize with your favorite organization software like Microsoft Outlook, Symantic ACT, Goldmine, Microsoft Schedule+, Lotus Organizer and 3Com Palm Desktop.  Several programs for your PC are included on the CD to help you enter data more quickly.

companionlink software

What is standard on your OnHandPC?
Over 30 applications are pre-installed on your watch.  More software can be found at our website.

Besides these standard applications, others can be downloaded from the internet.  Check out our software section for more information.  

Digital Watch

digital watch

multiple alarms

The OnHandPc wouldn't be a watch if it wasn't able to tell you the time.  You are able to set different alarms and even customize your own alarm tunes.  With a sound editor available on your PC, you can even write your own little tunes.  In our Jukebox section, we have many tunes available for you to download at no cost!

World Time

world time watch A simple program to check the current time around the world.  Handy for people who travel a lot and want to change the time from one time-zone to another.  A little program on your PC will help you set the time zones you prefer.
[World Time for Windows]



Used to set up an easy-to-see daily schedule chart. If the schedule alarm is set, an alarm sounds before the scheduled time approaches.

Monthly calendar
The onHand PC's calendar provides quick access to meeting schedules and events. Simply select a day by moving the cursor to the date and press the enter button

Monthly calendar
The onHand PC's calendar provides quick access to meeting schedules and events. Simply select a day by moving the cursor to the date and press the enter button

Detail display screen
Additional event details in the daily schedule can be selected and viewed.

A monthly calendar gives you quick access to view, edit, and add events on a certain day.  An alarm can be set as a reminder.  A very easy to use scheduler program for your PC is also available but other programs like Lotus Organizer or Microsoft Schedule+ can also be used to enter data.
[Scheduler for Windows]

Address Book


addressbook detail

Offers quick and easy storage and access to thousands of names, telephone numbers, and postal and e-mail addresses.

Search display screen
Displays saved names and telephone numbers.

Detail display screen
Displays detailed information about a name selected in the search display screen.

Data entry screen
Enter the names, numbers, et cetera right from your onHand PC.

You can add thousands of names, addresses, phone numbers, and other data in the address book.  All names are sorted alphabetically to make sure you'll find them in a snap.  The address book for Windows will help you enter data more quickly.
[Address Book for Windows]

To Do List

ToDo  List

ToDo Detail

The to do list allows you to enter and view all the lists you make. Simply scroll through the list and select an item to view detailed information such reminders, priorities and due dates. This To Do list can also be changed through a program installed on your PC.
[To Do List for Windows]

Text Memo

text memo

A perfect place to write down short messages like directions, grocery lists, passwords, bank information, ink cartridge information, and more.  You can enter a text memo directly on your watch or use the Text Memo program available on your PC.
[Memo for Windows]

Expense Manager

expense manager

expense manager

expense manager

Use the expense manger to enter personal, business, and travel expenses.  A daily and monthly overview are available. 

Monthly Record View
Up to four daily records can be displayed on the screen at a time.

Daily Record View
The daily record of the day you select in the Monthly Record view is displayed.

Edit Screen
Allows you to enter and modify daily expenses.

Expenses can also be entered and viewed on your PC.
[Expense for Windows]

Text Viewer

text viewer

text viewer

text viewer

Just transfer a text (txt format) file to your watch and view it with this easy to use program.  As always you will need to use your joystick to scroll through the document.  This text viewer displays text files in 3 font sizes.


Image Viewer

monomap image viewer

image viewer

With the Image Viewer you can view monomap images on your watch.  A program is provided for your pc to convert images of different formats to a monomap image (mmp). The display can be zoomed, reduced, and scrolled in case your picture is larger then the display.  Visit the graphics section of our site for more images and don't forget to upload your own.  With the GMP viewer you are also able to view grayscale images on your watch.
[Image Converter for Windows]

Sound Player

sound player Plays snd sounds which you can create yourself with the sound editor delivered with your watch.  As you can see in our Jukebox section, many songs have been written for the OnHand Pc.
[Sound Editor for Windows]


calculator on watch Make calculations on your watch up to 10 digits.


timer An alarm will go off after the set length of time has elapsed.


chronograph Perfect for people who like to run or simple want to measures time (up to 1/100 sec).  You can even store your lap time on your watch.  There is also a program delivered to view this data on your PC.




4 games are standard delivered with your watch but more games can be easily downloaded for FREE at our site.