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by Johan Mommens

Having a slot machine always OnHand ... wouldn't that be great?  Well, is proud to release Jackpot.  A slot machine game for your watch on which you can actually win something.  Yes you read it right, you can actually win REAL prizes by playing on your watch.  Why?  Just because we thought it was fun.  When you have 3 watches on your display, we'll display a code which you can enter here.  Drop us a line and let us know whether or not you like the game!

Download Jackpot Now!

So, what can you win?  A free month of Handysurf or $20.00!
How? 3 watches will result in a code which you can enter below.

What are my chances?  1 out of 3 codes will win!

You can enter unlimited times but you can only win 1 free month of Handysurf per month. Winning are not transferable to other people. PcOnHand has the right to change these rules at any time without any prior notice.

A valid email address is needed to claim your prize. 
We do not share any information with third parties!

Just like with a real slot machine, you have to know when to stop gambling to be a real winner.  Once you think you've reached a high-score, you can go to the menu and select Cash In.  This will generate a code which you can enter at our high-score page.