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Filename Description Uploaded by
aldez.mmpAn actual screenshot from Aldez, an upcoming game for the OnHandPCChascosoft
jelle.mmpJelle, one of my kidsJohan
METER.mmpa meter mmp file to misure papers or little objects up to 2,7 centimetresmarriseri
INITIAL.MMPMy start up screenjason
NOSIGNAL.MMPtv receiver with poor reception, for people that say sure its a computer but what can it do?jason
ONHANDIE.MMPyahoo! loading..........jason
Win98.mmpwin98 boot imagemarriseri
dino.gmpCute little dinoJohan
Aicy1.gmpi-cybie and aibomarriseri
Citizen1.gmpIBM/Citizen watchpadmarriseri
Mito1.gmpCagiva Mito 125marriseri
Old.gmpan old photomarriseri
ALICIA.mmpA seductive unicorn ;)Tursi
CHEST31.GMPA cute ringtail mascot costumeTursi
RED13168.GMPRedXIII from FF7Tursi
SLEEP193.GMPCute sleeping fox!Tursi
SWOON202.GMPPuppy love ;)Tursi
TURSI210.GMPMy character ;)Tursi
Tinyfont.mmptinyfont mmpmarriseri
goku.mmpGoku super sayain jin level 4EEjohan son
Lady.gmpSexy ladyJohan
mario1.mmpsome mario bros spritesmarriseri
mario2.mmpsome mario bros spritesmarriseri
Image06.mmpI have many more of these if anyone is interestedPoda
Bb.mmpBetty Boop - NudeCraig
bootstats.mmpA BIOS-like Startup Screen for your OnHAND. Replace the SYSTEM\MMP\INITIAL.MMP with this for a more "tech" opening screen. :)Vern Graner
TREK-LCARS.MMPStar Trek LCARS style bootup screen. (Replace SYSTEM\MMP\INITIAL.MMP w/this) Includes actual CPU model, and the Klingon word for "Victory" (KAPLAH!) Have fun! :)Vern Graner
Asta.mmpFor all u hackers who are "ASTALAVISTA" fan's.Yitsi
aol.mmpAOL screenshotYitsi
bob.mmpA must for a true "BOB MARLEY" fan!Yitsi
Farty.mmpMr Farty.Yitsi
Gauloise.mmpMy favorite sigarette brand! (when i've run out of sigs i keep this flashing as a screensaver!)Yitsi
Jaguar.mmpAny Jaguar owner shouldn't be with out it.Yitsi
Reset.mmpHold the 3 buttons as shown to detonate your watch.Yitsi
Warner.gmpIf you like their logo.Yitsi
Explosivegirl.mmp"Warning Explosive Girl"Yitsi
Tryme.mmpThats right try this watch.yitsi
ILOVU.mmp"I LOVE YOU"yitsi
Truck.mmpEnjoy truckers.Yitsi
camper.mmpMy short, short trailerFrank
NERV.MMPMy NERV (Evangelion) startup screen.Cyber-D
QUARTMAP.MMPA map of French Quarter New Orleans, also have text file of all bars and sites to see if anyone is interested.Joe Wos
ohdt.mmpOn Hand GUIJon Briggs
babes.mmpkawaii hentai pic of two girls >;-)tajax
lag.mmphot hentai actiontajax
Marris.gmpmarrisoft logomarriseri
zelda2.mmpA good zelda sceneKasumui
zelda3.mmpA zelda dungeon sceneKasumi
computer.mmpThe onhand with windowsKasumi
girl.mmpA girlTerry
onHMeter.mmponHand version of RupometerMike Christensen
monkeys.mmpsea-monkeys skin for mmpWatchmarriseri
OWN3D.MMPNeed I say more?Genisis
TABLE.mmpa multiplication table, in italy we call it "tavola pitagorica"marriseri