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At, we get the most out of your watch!

FREE HandySurf : Offline browsing on your watch.  Just plug your watch in it's docking station and a few minutes later you will be reading the hottest news topics available.!

PcOH-C For Windows: A C-Compiler Under Windows for the OnHandPc - By Johan Mommens
OnHand Basic: A Basic Compiler for your OnHandPc - By Mustafa  GnoStiC  Tufan

Snake, Race, River, and Jackpot: Register your high-score ONLINE! 


Mediacup: An intelligent coffee cup will tell your OnHandPC what the temperature is of your coffee.  More Info... 
ESleeve: A GPS Receiver connected to the OnHandPc.  More Info...

Upload your sound files in our JukeBox section!

Upload your graphic files (mmp and gmp format) in our Gallery section!

Can't uncompress a LZH extension?  Try the MS Dos Freeware program called LHA

The OnHandPC has the power and memory of a Palm m100 in the size of a wrist watch.  It only weights 52 grams and is most definitely not to big on your wrist.  Batteries last up to several months which is pretty good compared to other devices like a Palm Pilot.  The OnHandPC uses 2 lithium batteries which are actually really cheap.  A handy joystick will help you navigate applications.  With a docking station or IR connection, you can transfer data from your watch to your pc, or pc to your watch (yes you can also transfer data from your OnHand to another OnHand through Infra-Red).  

If you want to read more about the OnHandPc, just visit our introduction page.

This website was created to bring developers and onhand users closer together.  With the help of the included SDK (Software Development Kit), you are able to build your own applications for the OnHandPc in C (computer language).  Once your application is developed we will help you spread the word!


Technical Specifications

. 16 Bit CPU
. W-PS-Dos OS V1.16
. 2MB Ram (like Palm m100)
. IR Port (38.400 BPS)
. RS-232C Serial Port
. 102 x 64 Matrix Display
. Navigation Joystick
. 2 lithium batteries CR2025
. Battery life: App. 2-3 months
. Approx. 52 grams
. Water Resistant

For any comments, questions, or remarks write to support[REMOVE]@pconhand[DOT]com